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A few words about us

The Fenster SA company with experience since 1991, fully meet the market needs for proper professional service in aluminum frames, helps you in the selection, design and implementation of any construction challenge, taking responsibly manufacturing and installation.

The people of Fenster SA are at the customer’s side at all times, satisfying even the highest demands. Working with speed and consistency for the delivery of the project, they are constantly close to you both during the construction and installation work, as well as after the sale. Their many years of experience ensure excellent products, without functional or aesthetic problems.

The Fenster SA provides modern, contemporary and traditional construction solutions using a variety of modern lines and aluminum tinger species, taking into account modern energy saving needs, specializing in ALUMIL and SCHUCO companies.

Assumes responsibility dismantling, replacement and maintenance of all sorts of old aluminum window frames, the different rows.

The modern technological equipment, combined with the know-how of the human resources that manages Fenster SA, as a result today is one of the recognized construction companies in the field of aluminum frames.

Fenster SA holds ISO9001: 2008 certification of SWISS APPROVAL HELLAS SA, PREMIUM PARTNER of SCHUCO INTERNATIONAL KG, authorized manufacturer of SUPREME products of ALUMIL SA and a member of the Association of Greek Aluminum Manufacturers S.E.K.