Alumil Supreme S77 English

The Supreme S77 system is the most innovative and advanced opening-heat insulation system of Alumil modern writing system, which meets the highest standards. It is ideal for robust constructions of strict specifications and maximum safety. In addition, the system offers minimal aesthetics, providing the possibility of choosing a hidden leaf and hidden Mechanism for windows and balcony doors.


  The Alumil Supreme S77 satisfies the particularly high coefficients of heat and waterproofing which in combination with the sound cooling, make it ideal for projects of demanding specifications

  • High level of thermal insulation with heat permeability coefficient Uf ≥ 0.85 W / m2k, certified
  • from iſtRosenheimInstitute
  • Minimize visible aluminum to a total height of 93 mm and only 67 mm using concealed sheet.
  • Three-level sealing With EPDM tires and central double extrusion tire.
  • Specially designed low floor frame for balcony doors to facilitate access by the disabled
  • Provides the ability to build all typologies of opening frames.
  • Large variety of window count profiles available.

Technical characteristics

  • Minimum visible construction height: 67/93 mm
  • Case height: 61 mm
  • Case width: 77 mm
  • Sheet height: 73 mm
  • Sheet width: 85 mm
  • Leaf weight: up to 150 Kg
  • Glazing thickness: from 23 to 72mm
  • Type of thermal insulation: 40mm wide polystyrene kooltherm, Foam insulating material

Heat permeability:
– EN ISO 10077-2 Uw = 0,95 W/m2K
*For window dimensions 1,60 x 2,40 m and Ug = 0,7 W/m2K