Alumil S350 English

The Alumil Smartia S350, is a sliding thermal insulation system of Alumil in straight simple lines, and is a modern-suitable proposal for replacement of old windows.

  • Basic system width 35 mm
  • Profiles only 47 mm wide at the point of overlap to maximize the field of view
  • Smooth and easy scrolling thanks to specially designed and anodized guides
  • Two sheets available for connection with 45o cut, with special sheet to avoid the differential expansion effect (banana effect)
  • Flexibility with the multitude of typologies and mechanisms
  • Possibility of installing glass up to 24 mm and total weight of sheet up to 120 Kg
  • Certified system by the IFTRosenheimInstitute

Technical characteristics

  • Minimum apparent construction height: 116.1 mm
  • Guide height: 45 mm
  • Guide width: 92 mm
  • Sheet height: 85mm
  • Sheet width: 35mm
  • Hook width: 47 mm
  • Sheet weight: up to 120 kg
  • Glazing thickness: up to 24mm
  • Type of thermal insulation: 24mm polyamides


  • Air permeability-ΕΝ 12207 : Class 3
  • Water permeability-ΕΝ 12208 : Class 6A
  • Resistance to wind pressure-ΕΝ 12210 : Class C2
  • Thermal insulation-ENISO 10077-2 : Uf = 2,89 – 5,33 W/m2K Uw=1,89 W/m2K (for dimenstions KF 3,0 X 2,2m &Ug=1,30 W/m2K)