Alumil Supreme SD77 English

 The Alumil Supreme SD77 series is a system for Alumil modern writing ports with high standards and emphasis on security. The series offers the possibility of implementing constructions in combination with the use of aluminum or glazing panels. In addition, the uniformity of the profiles in straight lines gives uniformity, enhancing the innovative design and aesthetics of the series.

  • Basic system width 77 mm
  • Base height only 22 mm with non-slip design.
  • High levels of heat ionization and waterproofing.
  • Possibility of implementing a variety of entrance door constructions.
  • Large selection of security locks and hinges (hidden, cylindrical or external).
  • Ideal front door for the SUPREME S77 series of opening frames.

Technical characteristics 

  • Case width: 77 mm
  • Sheet width: 77 mm
  • Minimum apparent construction height: 154.5 mm
  • Minimum visible width “T”: 76 mm
  • Leaf weight: up to 180kg
  • Glazing thickness: 23 to 59 mm
  • Type of thermal insulation: polyamides 40 mm wide, Kooltherm, Foam insulation

Heat permeability – EN ISO 10077-2 Ud = 0,86 W/m2K *For window dimensions 1,30 x 2,30 m and Up= 0,3 W/m2Κ