SD115 Pivot

SD115 Pivot, the unique aluminum entrance doors, set new horizons in modern architectural design and offer unlimited flexibility and personalization possibilities. With a variety of options in materials such as real carbon fiber, glass, aluminum, wood and state-of-the-art equipment, SD115 doors offer excellent aesthetic results of top quality and excellent performance.


  1. Innovative design thanks to the use of carbon fiber (the “new black”) and the pivot mechanism on an aluminum front door.
  2. Unparalleled beauty with completely flat surfaces, pivot movement, simple and minimal lines.
  3. Aluminum entrance doors of top specifications and performance (wind permeability, waterproofing, wind resistance, heat permeability, burglary protection).
  4. Use of high quality materials, including stained or clear structural glass, carbon fiber sheets, anodized and painted aluminum, wood and subleach and equipment technology.
  5. Overdimensioning, set of typologies and personalized solutions.



  • Sheet and frame width 115 mm.
  • Foil thickness 3 mm (inside / outside)
    Special 34 mm shrinkage-reducing polyamides.
  • Sheet with polyurethane panel and thermal insulation profiles with Kooltherm.
  • EPDM center rubber along all 4 sides.
  • Pivot mechanism with adjustable fire.
  • Special base 16 mm (hot) and 7 mm (cold).
  • Digital keyboard, fingerscanner, 5-point automatic lock and power supply without cables.
    Recessed handle on the outside with LED lighting.


Excellent entrance doors with aluminum cladding and Pivot function in various standard dimensions, materials and designs. They are the most advantageous option when high performance doors must combine axial function