Alumil S450 English

The Alumil Smartia S450 is a two-chamber thermal insulation system with 45mm sheet. The S450 system has many manufacturing capabilities in both sliding and retractable systems, which meet the requirements of Alumil and the very high energy performance.

  • use of stainless steel guide
  • high thermal insulation
  • flat appearance
  • large water collection basin and its lining in tubular form of polyamide
  • long distance of the leaves on the hook, which offers better thermal insulation behavior
  • special multi-chamber polyamide on the hook, which is coated externally by aluminum profile and offers in addition to safety and very good behavior in thermal insulation
  • hook cap with brushes and the use of a spring to ensure a stable and ideal sealing pressure at the point of contact with the scroll guide
  • use of a special sheet straightening mechanism for the scrolling operation at 90 & 150kg and at 80 / 200kg
  • possibility of multiple sheet insurance
  • central sealant, bottom with thermal rubber and top with special PVC sponge coated externally with special fabric for perfect slip
  • 25mm glazing capability

Construction possibilities of the series:

  • single sliding and retractable overlay (90 & 150kg)
  • retractable superimposed (80 / 200kg)
  • single sliding and retractable recessed (glass or glass shutter / screen or glass shutter and screen)
  • simple sliding and retractable multi-leaf
  • retractable recessed (glass or glass shutter / screen or glass shutter and screen)
  • retractable overlap of many leaves