Alumil M14600 English

ALUMIL‘s new sliding system, Smartia M14600, with its thin and sleek lines and high performance, is an ideal solution for areas with warmer climates. The Alumil Smartia M14600 has a wide range of typologies with straight or curved leaves and tubular or low guides.

  • smooth and easy scrolling thanks to the specially designed stainless steel guides
  • maximum glazing thickness up to 25mm
  • maximum sheet weight up to 200kg
  • cutting joints with 45o and 90o degrees
  • basic system width 35 mm
  • wide variety of solutions with alternative locking mechanisms
  • typology of kissing with only 62 mm visible aluminum


  • wind pressure- EN 12210 : Class C2/B2
  • air permeability- EN 12207 : Class 4
  • water permeability- EN 12208 : Class 7A