Alumil M11500 English

The Alumil Smartia M11500 is a complete system of opening-tilting thermal insulation frames of ALUMIL, which can be combined with both CameraEuropean mechanism and PVCGroove mechanism

  • Basic system width 76.5mm
  • Option for windows with hidden leaves
  • Option for revolving windows
  • Available special profiles for the construction of main entrances-doors of each typology
  • Available in different Design, Straight, Curved, Classic.
  • Certified in WK3 burglary protection.
  • Certified for sound reduction at 47dB

Technical Characteristics

  • Case depth: 76.5mm
  • Sheet depth: 84mm
  • Minimum visible construction height: 137mm
  • Minimum visible partition width “T ‘: 70mm
  • Leaf weight: up to 130kg
  • Glazing thickness up to 58mm
  • Type of thermal insulation: polyamide 34 & 38 mm


  • Air permeability- EN 12207: Class 4
  • Water permeable- EN 12208: Class E900
  • Resistance to wind pressure – EN 12210: Class C5
  • Thermal insulation- EN 10077-2: Uf = 1.9 -2.3 W/m2K  Uw=1,72W/m2K  ( για διαστάσεις ΚΦ 1,6X2,2m&Ug=1,10 W/m2K)