Exclusive English

 The EXCLUSIVE series allows the adoption of the most innovative materials. It offers a variety of decorative proposals, freedom in architectural design and unparalleled functionality.

Innovative sheet of EXCLUSIVE from aluminum frame in multiple choices of shades, which can be decorated with structural double glazing or carbon fiber sheet. Among a plethora of other materials, even different on each side, creating new horizons of aesthetics and innovation. Available in three different aluminum frame options, with less or no visible parts, with hidden hinges and magnetic lock, while it can be produced in heights up to 3 meters, covering the specific trend of modern interior design.

  • A variety of decorative proposals and new horizons of aesthetics and innovation.
  • With aluminum case and options in hidden or visible.
  • Sheet with aluminum profile frame.
  • Surfaces with innovative materials (structural glass, carbonfiber, leather, anodizing, wood, etc.).
  • Possibility for different investment on each side.
  • Up to 3.0 m height.
  • Hidden hinges and magnetic lock